Sproxi offers two locations where you can import/export products and listings.  The first is for products located under “PRODUCT MANAGEMENT > Products > Inventory.”  This CSV files will allow you to edit Sproxi Inventory Product Fields.

The second is your Google Listings, located in “CONNECTIONS > Google Merchant > Listings.” 

It is very important to note, that when you use a CSV file to edit your Google Listings you are inserting data directly into the Google Listings Override Field, which will take priority over all other operations in Sproxi.  In essence, whatever you upload into a Google Listing through a CSV file is what will be sent to the Google Merchant Center in your feed, no matter how any other data in that listing may be added or mapped.

For more information on Google Listings Override Values, please read the KB article titled “Understanding Override & Processed Value in Google Listings.”

The processing for exporting & importing a CSV file for your Google Listings is essentially the same as the process found in the KB article titled “Creating a Custom Field Using a CSV File.” 

The major difference is where to find the import & export menu.  You can find it by navigating to “CONNECTIONS > Google Merchant > Listings.”

Once there, located the blue button labeled “Google Menu.”  Use this drop-down to select “Export Products,” or “Import Products.” 

Follow the KB article in the “Creating a Custom Field Using a CSV File.”  In the matching field section, you will be matching a Google Attribute field to a field in the spreadsheet.