Understanding the Google Override Value in a Google Listing

Notefor the “Title” & “Description” fields, you and directly “click to edit” these fields without opening the listing in full editor mode.

This article explains what the “Google Override Value” is, how to change the “Override Value” and tips on using the “Google Override Value.”

The fields in the Google Listing as created by Sproxi may originate its data from a variety of locations.  As noted in the KB article, Google Listing Data, the location Sproxi looks to first when creating a Google Listing is the “Google Override Value” field.  Any data found in this field will be the “processed” value sent to the Google Merchant Center in your Google Listings.

The best way to understand this is to look at a Google Listing in Full Editor Mode

  • Click the menu link for “Google Listings” located under “CONNECTIONS > Google Merchant > Listings.”
  • After clicking the menu link, located the product you would like to edit.
  • Next, click the edit icon located on the far right side of the listings table.
  • In the default view, there are three columns to view.
    • Google Field – this is the name of the Google field per Google’s “product data specification.”
    • Processed Value – the data sent to the Google Merchant Center for your Google Listing.
    • Source – Where the data in the “Processed Value” is coming from.
Google Listings Click to See Override Values

Clicking on the “Show Overrides” button will create an additional column labeled “Override Value.”

Google Listings Now See Override Values

Writing any data into the “Google Value” (once save button is clicked) will replace the “Processed Value” data what was written into the “Google Value” field.  Notice in the screen shot above where “Write Any Title Here Directly into Title Field.,” which is different than the title under the “Processed Value.”  Once this is saved, that Processed Value will then read “Write Any Title Here Directly into Title Field.”

You will notice that now, the Google Value and the Processed Value are the same.  That’s because there’s now a value directly written into or “hard coded” in the Google Value.  That now becomes the Processed Value because anything written into the “Google Value” field ALWAYS has the highest priority.  It essentially trumps all other data.

This means that for this Google Offer ID/SKU, however the data for the title landed as the Processed Value, it will be overwritten by the new Google Value. 

How to Remove a Google Value?

Once a value is placed into the “Google Value” field, there are three ways to remove this data.  This may be important if you improve your data through a map or other feature and DO NOT want the Google Value to override this new mapping.

  • Remove the data while editing the listing as in the video below.
  • Using the bulk edit feature as in the video below.  In this video I bulk selected products, left the “value” field blank, selected the Google title attribute from the drop-down, clicked the checkbox, and then the save button.  Checking the box tells Sproxi to remove the value from the Google Value field.
Note:  using the “bulk  edit” button is a powerful feature.  In the video we are removing data, but you also write a static value in the “value” field, select the attribute and apply it to the selected products.

After watching this short video, you may notice there’s no data in the “title” field, only “[…]”

This is because the data in the Google Value was removed.  Sproxi will begin “shuffling” through all the data to find the right “Processed Value.”  This happens in a process we call “local validation.”  Once it’s done, the process value will show again, as in the image below.

sprox google value title shows after validation