This article details how to import your products from your shopping cart into Sproxi. After connecting your store to Sproxi, any saved changes are updated/saved/changed in Sproxi as well.  The import feature imports your catalog from your store into Sproxi. 

Once imported, Sproxi will detect web hooks from your shopping cart reflecting those changes in your listings in Sproxi for that specific store.  Once you import your listing for the first time, you may not ever need to import again.  There are some occasions when you may want to re-import.

When a new product is created in a connected shopping cart, Sproxi holds this listing in what we call an “unconfirmed” status.  This status offers a layer of protection to prevent malformed or incomplete creation of Google Listings in Sproxi.  For additional information about this, please consult the KB article titled “Orphaned and Unconfirmed Listings from Your Shopping Cart.”  The important thing to know about unconfirmed listings related to imports is that once you re-import your shopping cart into Sproxi, any listings in “unconfirmed status” are automatically “confirmed” and no other actions would be required.

Products may be imported directly from a connected sales channel and/or from a CSV import.  This article outlines the process of importing products from a connected Shopify store. The process for WooCommerce is similar.

How to Import Your Shopping Cart Products Into Sproxi

In the left hand menu of Sproxi, navigate to your shopping cart.  In this example I will navigate to Sproxi by going to “YOUR CONNECTIONS > Shopify” and then click the “Import Products” link.

Sproxi will direct you to the screen below.  In the “Select Account” drop down, select the associated Shopify account you want to import from.  Create a tag (optional).  Click the green “Start Import” button.  Sproxi will begin importing your products.  You can navigate away from this screen.

shopify import new products into Sproxi

Video Overview of Importing Your Shopping Cart Listings

To check the status of the imports, click the “Dashboard” located under the Sproxi logo in the upper left area of the menu.  In the “Live Activity Monitor” module, Sproxi will create notifications as products start to import.

check live activity monitor for importing

Sproxi will notify you via “Recent Operations” when it has completed importing products.

check recent operations for completed import

Now, go to “YOUR CONNECTIONS > Shopify > Listings” and you should see the imported listings.

sproxi look at imported items