Add Your WooCommerce Account to Sproxi

In the left menu, click “OPTIONS > Add a New Connection.”

add new connection in Sproxi

Click the channel you would like to connect to Sproxi.  In this example, I am clicking the “WooCommerce” block.

add new connection show blocks

Add a name for the connection for your reference.  Enter the domain name for the shopping cart without the prefix (http or https).  After entering this information, click the green button labeled “Continue.”  Sproxi will then redirect to “YOUR CONNECTION > WooCommerce > Accounts,” and you will see a screen showing the new account you just added.

Authorize Sproxi In Your WooCommerce Store

Click the yellow button labeled “Authorize.”  This action will attempt to authorize Sproxi to work with your WooCommerce store.


need to authorize a new Shopify site

Enter your Woocommerce login credentials in the dialog box and click the “login” button.  In many cases if you are already logged into your WooCommerce store on the same browser this step might be skipped.

enter woo creds

  • Click the “Approve” button.

click approve button woo

Sproxi will then redirect back to the “WooCommerce” accounts page.  There should be a green check mark under the Authorization heading, and a message stating “Authorization successful.”

Woocommerce store authorized in Sproxi Showing Status

After successfully authorizing the account, you can now import listings from that channel.  Please read the KB article titled, “How to Import Shopping Cart Listings.”