Attributes are imported into Sproxi from your connected shopping carts, uploaded through a CSV file, or created in Sproxi. For attributes used to create product variation, Sproxi will attempt to match them to Google Shopping attributes in order to show them as variation is Google Shopping.  

How Variations Show in Google Shopping

Keep in mind that there are only a few possible variations choices for Google shopping.  Currently, variations are limited to the following; color, pattern, material, age group, gender.  In addition, products can only have one variation type in Google Shopping.  For instance, if you have t-shirts on your website where customers can choose between something color and size, only one of these attributes (color or size) can be used for the variation in Google Shopping.  

Here’s an example of what a variable product will look like in Google Shopping.  In the drop down is a color choice for this product.


How to Set Up Product Variations for Google Shopping

The key to ensuring variations are sent correctly to the Google Merchant Center is to “Map” an imported shopping cart Attribute to a “Compatible Google Option” in Sproxi.  The steps below illustrate how to do this.

  1. Navigate to “YOUR CONNECTIONS > WooCommerce (or Shopify) >Attributes” using the Sproxi menu.
  2.  Find the attribute used for the variation.  For the variation in Google Shopping shown above, attribute used is “strobe color.”sproxi-choose-strobe-color-attribute
  3.  Click the edit icon to edit the attribute.
  4. In the drop-down box, select the “Google Compatible Option” that this will map to.  For example, in this example, the variations in the e-commerce store uses “Choose Strobe Color” as an attribute for the variations choices.  So here, you would map that shopping cart attribute to “color” in the “Google Compatible Option.”


  5.  Click the green “Save” button.
  6. That’s all it takes!