What Are Unconfirmed Listings?

On your Sproxi dashboard, you may see notices like the one below that read “Confirmations Needed.”

confirmations needed on dash

That same message may also appear under the “Listings” menu of a connected shopping cart.  In this example, if I navigate to “YOUR CONNECTIONS > WooCommerce > Listings,” I see the same notice.

WooCommerce Unconfirmed Listings Notice in Sproxi

After a shopping cart is connected to Sproxi and the products are imported, any changes to the products in the shopping cart are immediately updated in Sproxi through the use of web hooks. 

If a new product is created in your shopping cart after an import, the new product is also created in Sproxi.  Sproxi, however, holds this new product in what’s called an “unconfirmed status” for 48 hours.  This is simply a safety check allowing you the ability to review the product, ensure the listings is accurate, prior to it officially being created in Sproxi as a new products and thus a new Google Listing in Sproxi.

For example, you may have started creating a product in your shopping cart but not completed the process to your satisfaction and thus not ready to import it into Sproxi.

You can review the unconfirmed listings by selected “Unconfirmed” in the drop-down box on top of the listings table labeled “status.”  You will then filter only products that are in that status.  You can edit the product and if satisfied, click the “Confirm Now.”

In the example below, you can see a product that needs to be confirmed.  This product was sent to Sproxi via web hooks and is not something I really want in Sproxi.  More than likely, someone at the company did a quick “Create Product” in the shopping cart to test something out.

edit product see confirm now button

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