Inventory Management in Sproxi – What is “Inventory” & “Listings.”

sproxi inventory links menu

The menu location for “Products” & “Listings” is found by clicking on “PRODUCT MANAGEMENT > Products.”

What’s the purpose of “Inventory” items in Sproxi?

“Products > Products” is a database of your products in Sproxi.  This allows you to create & maintain a unique set of products from your connected sales channel(s)’ & Google listings.  Data such as COGs, Manufacturer, Tags, and other unique fields are stored in Sproxi Sproxi.

When you import products from a connected sales channel, there’s an option to “Create Inventory Items.”   When you select “yes” Sproxi will create new inventory items if the sku IS NOT found in Sproxi, or overwrite a existing sku in Sproxi “Inventory” if that sku already exists.

sproxi import products from channel

Once “Inventory” products are created in Sproxi, you can edit these products independently of your connected sales channel.

For example, suppose, upon connected your first WooCommerce channel, you click the “yes” button to “Create Inventory Items” in Sproxi.  As Sproxi begins importing your WooCommerce listings, it is also creating Inventory items.

On your website (WooCoomerce store where products were imported from) you have some information attached to each description that is very specific to this store.  You can edit the Sproxi Inventory Item & remove the website specific data.  Should you every import all of  your WooCommerce listings into Sproxi again, the changes you made, since you made them at the Sproxi Inventory Item level, will not overwritten by the new import.

Conversely, if you had made those same changes at “CONNECTIONS > WooCommerce > Listings” then the next import from WooCommerce would have overwritten those changes.

Please note.  Sproxi uses Webhooks sent from your connected WooCommerce store to receive notifications and changes of content on your WooCommerce store.  For example, if you were to take a product “out of stock” on your WooCommerce store, a webhook would be sent to Sproxi and Sproxi would update the product’s stock status for the WooCommerce Listing for that product.

In most cases, a complete re-import of your products from your connect WooCommerce store is not necessary.

 What is the purpose of Product “Listings” in Sproxi?

“Products > Listings” is a table that shows the current listing from the channel you select in the drop down filter.  This is same listings you would see by going to your sales channel (WooCommerce for example) and clicking the listings link there.

This shows the products imported from the respective sales channel.

Both Inventory Items are editable, but channel specific listings are not.  This is because, at the time of writing this kb article, we do not send data from Sproxi back to WooCoomerce.  If we did, when you make edits to a WooCommerce Listing, any new import or a potential webhook from WooCommerce could overwrite the changes you just made.

You can, however, edit and make changes to the Sproxi Inventory Item.  In addition, do not mistake of confusing “sales channel listings” to “Google listings.”  You can edit your Google Listings and they will not be overwritten when you import.