Connect Your WooCommerce Store

For details on connecting your WooCommerce store to Sproxi, consult the KB article:

  1. Click the “Add Account” button located on the “Manage WooCommerce Accounts” page by navigating “CONNECTIONS>WooCommerce>Accounts.”
  2.  In the “Name” field, enter nickname for the account for your reference.
  3.  In the “Domain” field, enter the naked domain for the WooCoomerce store without “https:” or “http:.”
  4. Click the green “Continue” button.
  5. Click the yellow “Authorize Now” button.  
  6. If not logged into the referenced WooCommerce domain, you will be asked to login to your wp-admin account.  Click the purple WooCommerce “Approve” button.

Import WooCommerce products into Sproxi

  1. Click the menu link “Import Products” located at “CONNECTIONS>WooCommerce>Import Products.”
  2.  For first import, recommended to leave default values of “update” for “If product listing already exists,” and “yes” for “Import product categories” and “Create Inventory Items” and click the green “Start Import” button.

Connect Your Google Merchant Center Account

For details on connecting your Google Accounts to Sproxi, consult the KB article:

  1. Click the “Add Account” button located on the “Manage Google Accounts” page by navigating “CONNECTIONS>Google>Accounts”
  2.  In the “Account Details” section, create a name for the Google account & select the appropriate E-Commerce channel from the drop-down box (this is the WooCommerce store you connected above).
  3. In the “Google Merchant Account” section, type in your Google Merchant Center account number.  We recommend selecting “Disabled” in the “Export Status” drop-down.  You can enable exports after you finalize your listings.
  4. The “Google Ads Account” section is optional, but recommended. This will connect your Google Adwords Account to Sproxi.  From there we can pull reports & notices from the Adwords account as well as Adwords reports into Sproxi.
  5. Click the green “Save” button.
  6. You will then be redirected back to the “Manage Google Accounts” page.  Click the yellow “Authorize Now” button. 
  7. Follow the Google dialog to allow Sproxi access to your Google accounts.
  8. This process will automatically create Google Listing from the connected e-commerce account.

Validate Products

Once your Google Listings are created, Sproxi will begin an internal “Validation Process” to ensure the minimum Google Shopping requirements are met.  Correcting or “fixing” any validation errors are necessary to enable Sproxi to export your listings to the Google Merchant Center.  For details,. visit:

  1.   Go to the app dashboard by clicking the “Dashboard” link in the Sproxi menu. 
  2.  Scroll down and notice the “Local Validation” module on the dashboard.
  3.   Validation issues are grouped and aggregated by type under the three tabs: “Critical,” “Warning,” and “Other.”
  4. Click the “Critical” tab to see errors that must be corrected prior to exporting your listings to the Google Merchant Center.
  5.   Errors are grouped, or aggregated by error type.  Clicking on the error will show specific products that have this error.
  6.  After seeing this error, decide the best approach to correct the error.    For example, maybe you need to Map the SKU to the Google MPN attribute field.  After mapping this, all products will re-Validate” and this error should be corrected.

What Next? Enabling Exports for Your products

After products are validated and your ready for your products to go live to the Google Merchant Center, the next step it to enable exports.  

Please review the knowledge base article for this topic here: