What are "recipes" & How to Use Them

A “Recipe” in Sproxi is a tool that allows you to create custom data using a combination of text and other fields within Sproxi.  A good example of using recipe might be writing a custom title for your Google Product Listings.  You may not want to use the same product title for this as you do your WooCommerce listing, for example, so using a recipe would be a way to write a “formula” that you can apply to your products.

Recipes are a powerful tool in Sproxi.  They can be complex formulas or simply static values.  Recipes may be applied to specific Google Listings using the bulk edit feature in the Google Listings table, or applied across the entire account by using the field map tool.

How to Create a Recipe

Click the “Recipe” link located under “PRODUCT MANAGEMENT > Tools.” 


Next, create a Recipe name. This is for your reference and can be anything you like.  Once you have created a name, click the “Create & Continue” button.


On the next screen is where you will create the actual formula. 

Inside the “Recipe” box is where you will create the actual recipe. You can select any combination of available fields (from the drop-down boxes) and/or write out text.

sproxi recipe make new

In this example, I am going to write a Recipe for new Google Product Listing Titles.  

I have decided I want my listings product titles to look something like this:

The SKU by Manufacturer is a Product-Category.”

Or specifically, something like this:

The Mens T-Shirt by Shirt Co, Inc. is men’s clothing.”

I typed out “The,” added a space and then selected “SKU” from the “Product Inventory Fields” drop-down on the right.   Next, I add a space and select “Manufacturer” from the drop-down.  Note:  “Manufacturer” is a custom field I created in Sproxi.  Finally, I added another space, typed in “is a” and the select the “Category” from the drop-down.

When this new recipe is applied to a field, like the Google Listings Title, it would show what you typed in and with the values you selected from the drop-down, substitute in the actual values for that product.

For this KB article, I am using the “Field Map” tool where I will map this new recipe I created named “Demo Title” to the Google Title field.


In the drop-down next to the “Title” Google attribute, I selected “Demo Title” under the section titled “Recipe.”