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Feed Optimization

Use Sproxi’s built in tools to completely customize your feed. After sending your feed, continue using Sproxi’s tools to rewrite titles, descriptions, & more.


Easy Connections & Setup

Have your accounts connected and feed setup in Sproxi in a manner of minutes. No plugins needed or apps to install.


Real Time Status & Error Reporting

Sproxi is continuously checking listing status & receiving alerts & notifications from both the Merchant Center & Adwords. These reports are logged the product level as well as aggregated so you can quickly identify problems & correct them if needed.

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Tool Box of Features

Sproxi has a box of tools (continuing to add more) that make the management, maintenance, & optimization of your feed easy. With Sproxi, it’s easy to turn exports on or off for all, bulk, or individual products. You can also remove products from the merchant center as well using our Google Listings Status Table tools.


Profitability Calculations

Use Sproxi’s profitability tool to create customized profit formulas. Your product data in Spoxi, combined with data form Adwords help provide a real profitability of your listing/products in your feed. From there, choose what products to advertise by disabling/enabling exports.


Real Time Updating

Sproxi connects to your shopping carts, Google, & Facebook using real time APIs. No poorly resource intensive plugins or apps to install. As you update data in your store, the corresponding data in your feed is updated in real time. No more waiting on updates!

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